Japan Association for Quaternary Research


International organizations

National or Geographic Quaternary Associations

  • ABEQUA (Brazilian Association for Quaternary Studies)
  • AEQUA (Spanish Association for Quaternary Research)
  • AFEQ (Association Fran aise pour l'Etude du Quaternaire)
  • AIQUA (Associazione Italiana Per lo Studio del Quaternario)
  • AMQUA (American Quaternary Association)
  • AQUA (Australasian Quaternary Association)
  • CANQUA (Canadian Quaternary Association)
  • DEUQUA (Deutsche Quart rvereinigung)
  • French INQUA Committee
  • IQUA (Irish Quaternary Association)
  • QRA (Quaternary Research Association)
  • Quaternaire(Association Fran aise pour l'Etude du Quaternaire)

Academic societies and organizations in Japan

Museums and Institutes in Japan

Study groups, Consortiums and database

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